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Home Watching

Interior and Exterior


-Check interior ceilings for water damage and leaks

-Inspect washer and dryer for leaks, pests, etc. 

-Check water heater for leaks

-Check for tripped circuit breakers

-Quick dishwasher run 

-Run water at all sinks, washer , and the disposal

-Bathroom inspection for shower and/or toilet leaks

-Check refrigerator and freezer temperatures

-Check thermostat settings

-Inspect windows and screens for damage/entry


- Check that  all windows and doors are locked and secure 

- Inspect AC unit

- Check pool pump for damage or leaks

- Check water softener for damage or leaks

- Visual inspection of gutters/ from ground level

- Visual inspection of roof/ from ground level

- Check for mail and newspapers or flyers and leave indoors

- Check boat, boat lift and dock if applicable

- Landscape check to ensure maintenance is being performed

                    ADDITIONAL SERVICES

- Water plants

- Add water to pool

- Power washing

- Hurricane shutter install/removal

- Run and  start boat/vehicles/golf carts

- Change light bulbs

- Gutter cleaning

- Trash hauling

- Replace intake air handler filters

Contact Us

Home Watch

(321) 427-0700

Areas Served :

Punta Gorda

Port Charlotte

Home Watch is a service provided by PG Home Services LLC.   Licensed and Insured.

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