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900 W. Marion Ave. Punta Gorda Fl
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A day at the Military Heritage Museum, located in Punta Gorda, provides unique, educational and memorable experiences for families, Veterans, students, tour groups, and anyone else looking to better understand military history and heritage. On the first level, take an inter-active journey through history across three unique galleries: from the Revolutionary War through modern conflicts. Visit the Hall of Heroes gallery and its special Medal of Honor exhibit. On the second level become part of history through simulations and virtual reality activities utilizing our aircraft, tank, ship, and range simulators. Visitors can “fly” a F-16 or P-51 Mustang, command the helm of a Navy destroyer, explore the International Space Station, take a parachute jump, experience the laser range, or drive a tank. Also, on the second floor, is the full-service Academy Library with its over 5000 books, publications, and computer-interactive activities. Check out the beautiful 247-seat Gulf Theater and the many documentaries and shows held in the theater throughout the year. Visit the Museum website or call 941-575-9002 for days and hours open.

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