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AllPro Home Health also offers Specialty Management Programs, such as Vestibular Rehabilitation and Fall Prevention, Cardiac Rehab Therapy, Low Vision Rehab, Diabetes Management, Wound Care, Mental Health Therapy, Transitional Care programs, Orthopedic Rehab, and Pulmonary Rehab.

AllPro Home Health Payment Options
We take on the burden of filing claims. We process all of the necessary paperwork and deal directly with MEDICARE and/or your private insurance company.

With the rising cost of hospital stays, most assisted living facilities and nursing homes, home health care is less costly and, you have the added benefit of being able to recuperate in your own home.

Quality careis available around the clock. We answer any questions you have, 24 hours a day, or if necessary, provide a home visit in the early evening hours. Our regular office hours are Mon. – Fri. 8 am – 4:30 pm.

A home health agency, together with a physician, can arrange an assessment, at no cost, to determine whether a patient can qualify under Medicare for home health care according to State and Federal regulations. If a patient does qualify, Medicare will pay 100% of all expenses related to this home health care.

Skilled home health care professionals are required to meet strict standards set by Florida law. Skilled services are those services provided by a nurse, or a physical, speech or occupational therapist. After the initial patient assessment, a Plan of Care is developed giving details of how care will be given (sometimes referred to as a POC). The POC is a treatment plan specifically designed for the patient and is reviewed periodically by the patient’s physician. The patient always has the right to take an active part in the planning of their POC.

Referrals are made to us by your hospital or rehab facility, family members or friends, your attending physician or an assisted living facility. Patients are accepted for home care services based on their needs, physician’s orders or by an in-home individual assessment.

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Skilled Nursing

  • Skilled assessment and observation of a newly diagnosed condition or the exacerbation of an existing condition
  • Wound care/dressing – Bowel/bladder training- In-home PT/INR testing
  • Foley insertion – Medication compliance – Disempaction/enemas- Insulin administration
  • Administer Vitamin B-12 injections – Administer Inhalation Rx – Venapuncture

Patient/Caregiver Teaching

  • Diabetic management/care – Insulin – Vitamin B-12 injections
  • Inhalation Rx – Ostomy/ileo conduit of care – Gastrostomy feeing tubes
  • Trach care – New and/or changed medications

Physical Therapy

  • PT assessment/evaluation – Vestibular/gait training – Electrical stimulation exercise – Wheelchair mobility skills training
  • Therapeutic exercise program – Home exercise program – Ultrasound – Prosthetic training
  • OT asssessment/evaluation- Activities of Daily Living training –  Fine motor control training
  • Muscle re-education – Neuro development treatment – Sensory integration/treatment
  • Adaptive equipment fabrication and training – Orthotics/splints

Speech Therapy

  • ST assessment/evaluation – Dysphasia treatment – Vital Stim therapy
  • Speech/language disorders – Aural rehabilitation

Certified Nursing Assistants

  • Personal care/bathing
  • Ambulation assistance
  • Nutrition
  • Activities of daily living
  • Toileting and elimination

Durable Medical Supplies

Non-routine medical supplies (ie.,wound care dressings, etc.)


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