December 12, 2020 @ 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
The Yoga Sanctuary
112 Sullivan St
Punta Gorda
FL 33950
Hacking the Nervous System & Breaking Free with Yoga Nidra @ The Yoga Sanctuary | Punta Gorda | FL | United States
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Join The Yoga Sanctuary in welcoming Kristin Leal, author and creator of MetaAnatomy! Kristin will be Zooming in Live to share her teaching with our SW Florida community. In this two-session afternoon, Kristin will guide us into “hacking our nervous system” and then “breaking free with Yoga Nidra.” Both sessions will be recorded and available for future viewing and reviewing!
Hacking the Nervous System
12 – 2pm
We have all experienced stress. Whether it is a feeling of being overworked at your job or the pressure cooker of a tumultuous relationship with a family member or partner… We know stress. Or do we?

Stress actually has a physiological response in your body. When this stress response is turned on through chemical stimulation, we can turn into superheroes with super human strength and reflexes to fight or flee from a dangerous situation. The problem is that we learn to nudge and annoy this system even when there is no immediate threat to be found. This literally wears down the tissues of the body.

Through lecture and practice, we’ll talk about the chemical response of stress and why it might not be a good idea to marinate in them. From there, we’ll learn how to turn off the stress response and turn on the relaxation response—where all of the body and mind’s housekeeping activities can be performed.

In this workshop, we will:
– Review the fantastic organization of the Nervous System
– Befriend your Sympathetic Nervous System (it’s not the devil it’s made out to be)
– Learn about the latest fascinating research about what is actually going on in the brain during meditation!
– Learn ancient Yogic technologies to hack the nervous system
– View and work with the poetic energetic correlations to the Nervous System
Breaking Free with Yoga Nidra
3 – 5pm
Have you noticed certain patterns in your relationships or life that seem to be stuck on repeat? Of course! You’re human! One of the beautiful benefits of a yoga practice is that we strengthen the ability to be self-reflective and notice these grooves that form in our minds…. But then what? How do we break free of the patterns that no longer serve us?

In this workshop through a guided journaling exercise, gentle freeing movement and a personalized practice of Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation) we will find the tools to liberate ourselves once and for all. You will also leave with a separate audio recording—in addition to the full workshop recording—of the Yoga Nidra so you can continue the practice at home.

Cost: $45 or $85 for both workshops! Both sessions recommended for a full experience.